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Oldrati Group consists of 11 companies in Italy and abroad and boasts almost 1600 employees worldwide. Its constant expansion is also manifested by the acquisition of a larger number of Italian companies that bring new know-how and specialised skills to the Group. Silital Europe srl is an example, in fact it completes the company’s production segment, introducing silicone working. The Group also expands across the border. It was initially necessary to invest in production plants abroad in order to respond to the demand of foreign customers and optimise logistics and the offered services. Today, internationalization has become one of the key points of the corporate strategy, since the presence in certain areas is crucial, productive and essential to ensure its growth.

Since 1945, over the past three generations, we have specialized in precision metal turning: we are very proud of our 75 years of experience and expertise.
The national and international success and the trust obtained from our loyal customers are for us the most important confirmation of the quality of our turned products and our services. Eredi Baitelli is synonymous with reliability and availability towards customers: we respond daily and with attention to their specific requests by creating customized customized turned products, with sartorial precision and punctuality.

With our precious background, we have always pursued the goal of keeping ourselves constantly updated on the continuous technical evolutions by equipping ourselves with all the necessary resources: human, instrumental and organizational; to face our future with extreme confidence and preparation.

FREE MINDS srl company was born in 2001 year. The 3 members was a group of friends united by the passion for technology and innovation; they started with an R&D studio, oriented to offer a design and technology service to the sport companies located on Treviso area.

A new challenge for show what is possible thinking in a different way.

Our future is full of new ideas to better satisfy all our customers with innovative products.
FREEM is the innovative quality italian brand.

In 1988, with the birth of Presidential Decree 203/88 Consulenze Industriali was born, in the following years, Ecosphera took shape In which two partners were added, this operates directly in the Sebino and Monza and Brianza areas, and provides its own specialized consultancy services to companies that develop and implement their industrial projects, for which an in-depth investigation of the various environmental sectors is necessary.
We offer our services to companies and organizations whose objective is to achieve and maintain high management standards for the purpose of protecting the environment and preventing risks related to safety in the workplace.

We operate through a staff of qualified professionals capable of making available their in-depth experience acquired over time by dealing with diversified problems in the various pertinent sectors.

Silital was founded in the province of Milan in 1977 and throughout the years, it became one of the most important Italian manufacturers of articles in liquid (LSR) and solid (HTV) silicone. In 2007, Oldrati Group acquired its total control pursuant to a precise strategic development policy of the holding company and the need to add the silicone production to the already existing rubber and plastic items, so to complete the range of products. It features two production divisions, HTV (HIGH TEMPERATURE VULCANIZATION) and LSR (LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER), the first specialised in the production of silicone in paste and relative transformation, the second instead specialised in the production of liquid silicone. There are also two production plants, of 3,500 and 6,000 square metres respectively, currently located in the province of Brescia, which also feature a R&D laboratory for the formulation of silicone compounds, mostly specifically studied upon customer needs.

Targeted investments in advanced moulding technologies and updated, specific professional skills led Silital Europe to become one of the best European companies in the transformation of compounds, LSR moulding and HTV extrusion, with various accelerator types.

POLINI Distillates, Wines & Beverages is one of the largest groups in the D&B sector in Italy and among the main ones in Europe. It manages a vast portfolio of Private Labels and Premium brands, marketed in over 50 countries around the world.
Polini Group Italia was born in 1967, in the vast province between Bergamo and Brescia, as a small family business founded by the Polini family.
Over the years it has been proudly able to adapt to market trends, growing and changing, while keeping its nature as a “family company” intact.

Without ever losing sight of its principles of ethics and dedication to work, Polini Group Italia is currently managed by the new generation who have been able to make the company evolve, combining the wisdom of ancient artisanal production processes with cutting-edge automated production, in capable of producing 25 to 30 million bottles a year.


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